Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions



Purchased tickets cannot be refunded under any circumstances. Once a ticket has been issued, no part of the payment will be returned to the passenger.



The flight route specified at the time of purchase cannot be altered. Passengers must travel the exact route as indicated on their ticket without deviation.



Tickets cannot be rebooked for a different date or time. The flight details confirmed at the time of booking are final and cannot be modified.



No changes can be made to the ticket once it has been issued. This includes changes to flight dates, times, or destinations.


Change of Names Not Allowed

The name on the ticket cannot be changed. Tickets are non-transferable, and the passenger named on the ticket must be the one to travel.



The Economy Value Fares on flights between Italy and Egypt are valid for non-Egyptian passport holders.


These terms and conditions are strictly enforced to maintain the integrity and consistency of our booking process. By purchasing a ticket, passengers agree to adhere to these policies.


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