Private Jet Charter

Land closer, fly smarter

With Mayfair Jets, skip the intermediate stops and overnight layovers. Access smaller airports closer to your destination, enabling flexible schedules and efficient multi-city trips. Our VIP terminals prioritize privacy and seamless travel. Fly on your terms, every time.


Your Flight, Your Choice:

  • Variety & Luxury: Choose from a wide range of aircraft sizes with luxurious interiors, featuring leather seats, sofas, and more. Decide what’s right for you!
  • Pet-Friendly Skies: Your furry companion can fly comfortably beside you, enjoying the same level of comfort as you.
  • Gourmet Gastronomy: Design your custom in-flight menu. Craving high cuisine with champagne? We cater to your every wish, serving delectable meals that make your flight a culinary experience.
Businesswoman looking from window and use mobile phone in private airplane jet. Modern passenger plane. Young european woman wear formal suit. Civil aviation. Concept of air travel and business

Exclusive Experience:

  • Your Private Domain: Imagine sharing your next flight only with guests. Conduct confidential meetings, work uninterrupted, or simply relax with loved ones in the privacy of your aircraft.
  • VIP Perks: Say goodbye to airport queues. We offer private lounges and terminals where you can unwind in luxury while waiting for your guests to arrive.
Mayfair Jets
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