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International proudly raises the bar and exceeds the standard for luxury and corporate private jet charter services. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and personalized service which makes. We can enhance the trip with custom catering and branding of the aircraft. You and your group will also have access to many of the private terminals around the globe.

Private Jet Charters

Business Charter

When you charter a jet with us, we guarantee you a smooth travel, Tailored to your needs. From the terminal to your hotel, you will have nothing to worry about but relax. Once at the airport, you will enjoy fast procedures and dedicated personal entirely at your service. After being welcomed by the pilot himself, you will enjoy quiet travel in an aircraft rented only for you.


Luxury and comfort
Flying should be a pleasure and we’ll make your charter experience as luxurious and comfortable as possible.

Discretion and security
Private charter guarantees your privacy, and we will work closely with your security provider on all aspects of your charter.

Create your schedule
connect with commercial flights or fly to your bespoke timetable whatever your requirements we’ll create the private jet charter to suit you.

Access to more airports
Reach a remote location or simply arrive closer to your final-destination than a scheduled service would allow.

Global coverage
No matter where you want to fly to or from, our international network provides you with local knowledge on a global scale.

Cost efficiency
Our buying power and reputation allows us to find you the best private jet charter prices, ensuring you always receive the most cost-effective solution.

Choice of aircraft
With access to 50,000 aircraft and 130 different aircraft types, we will always source the right aircraft for your requirements.

Personal account manager
Your dedicated charter expert is available 24/7 to assist you with any requirements you may have, from arranging in-flight cuisine to making last minute changes to your charter.

Private Jet Charters

Group Air Charter

Mayfair jets offers creative group charter solutions to meet all needs. The entire service can be branded with your image or image of your company. From the catering to special headrest, passengers will experience a fully custom travel. Once at the airport, we can ensure a transit solution to the meeting hall or the hotel where the conference is held.

For leisure

Executive jet charter flights also take the stress out of travelling for leisure. Whether journeying alone, as part of a small party or family, the generous cabin interior of a private plane allows for luxurious comfort and complete privacy during a flight. Using an executive jet to get to a holiday destination ensures the additional benefit of access to private terminals for faster security check-ins, ensuring that more time is spent enjoying the vacation instead of waiting in line. With its ability to access more locations around the world and enhanced potential for personalization, private jets are the perfect way to travel for pleasure.

Helicopter Services

Helicopter tour

Enjoy the helicopter trip of a lifetime, taking in unique views of the most famous landmarks. You can literally leave the crowds behind and see the city from a totally fresh perspective.

Private Helicopter Transfer

Whether it is a thrilling transfer from the airport giving an overview of the city, or a flight over the sand dunes to an exclusive desert resort, Mayfair jets private helicopter transfers enhance any stay

Air Ambulance

Do you need access to medical air transport in case of an emergency?

Mayfair Jets works with organ donation transplant centers, International Medical Rescue Organizations, Global Hospitals & Clinics and many more to provide the highest quality emergency and non-emergency medical air transport and air ambulance services. If you have an emergency and require immediate medical air transport, call us today.

Commercial Jet Charter

We provide aircraft on a needed/ready-to-fly basis, covering all costs involved in completing flights and safety (i.e. – aircraft, crew, maintenance, insurance, fuel, passenger and/or cargo loading and offloading fees, over flight permit costs, catering expenses, airport permit fees, handling fees, crew accommodation charges and all other operating costs including liability insurance for the aircraft). Our Charter flights are generally associated with a tourism package, in which the aircraft is contracted by tour operators; We strive to establish long-term relationships with our clients and partners. 

Customized Flights and Sports Tours

Having it as a sports tour for a championship, a family tour at exotic destinations, fund raisings, band tours, our aircraft and crew will remain with you ensuring you move from one point to another on time and as per your own plan, covering our services to you with safety, security, punctuality & discretion.

Cargo Jet Charter

Mayfair jets propose big size cargo charters that can handle and not limited to :

Heavy goods – Outsize goods Dangerous goods – Oil, Gas – Livestock


Empty Leg Flights

Find One-Way charter private helicopters, jets and aircraft With Mayfair Jets, you can find empty leg flights throughout the United States, Canada, Caribbean, Europe & The Middle East. Empty legs deliver a unique opportunity to save money when you only need to book a one-way private jet. Our empty leg flights cover the entire private plane categories so you can bring as many passengers as the jet can seat! An empty leg, also called a ferry flight or an empty flight, is a private jet flying without passengers.

Other Services


Mayfair jets provide short or long term solutions to the customer ACMI requirements, whether that be with additional seat capacity on routes during peak seasons or providing an urgent aircraft.

Aircraft Leasing

If you need an air-craft regularly, then leasing is the perfect option. You can enjoy the flexibility of owning an aircraft without heavy charges of the ownership. Whether you are an operator facing a sudden peak in demand, a delegation on an inspection tour- or a political party campaigning, leasing an aircraft is ideal. Mayfair jets offers flexible leasing programs depending on the aircraft you want and the flight hours you need.

Aircraft Management

The management service is designed to help plane owners maximize the return on their asset. Whether you are a corporation or an individual, if you want to charter your aircraft for profit, finding the best operator is critical. Our management service helps you to do that. Though Mayfair jets is not an operator, we can still find the best service provider as per your strategy.