Service diversity and proficiency

• Mayfair Jets delivers a transparent owner-advocate approach to management, creating valuable partnerships with private jet owners as well as commercial jet owners and delivering a consistent passenger experience across the fleet. Mayfair Jets offers and operates a large, diverse range of aircraft, from light jets, mid-cabins and super-mids all the way up to Boeing Business Jet, the ultimate in private luxury with a heads-of-state configuration for up to 50 passengers.

• Nevertheless, we pride ourselves by offering a wide range of commercial aircraft services with passenger capacities ranging from 100 up-to 400 passengers, to support our partners in Market segments like Tour operator, Oil & Gas, Mining, Military, International organizations, as well as cycle meetings for our multinational corporations.

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• Your Private Jet Advisor is dedicated to providing you with high-level charter expertise that is easy to understand and backed by specialists in every of private aviation, including group charter, concierge services, aircraft management and aircraft sales and acquisitions.

• When arranging charter travel on aircraft flown outside the Mayfair Jets network fleet, we exclusively partner with operators who meet the same stringent safety standards as Mayfair Jets. Our senior management continually evaluates our trusted global network to ensure continuity of safety standards and exceptional service to our guests.

• More than just a passenger, each Mayfair Jets guest is an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to exceptional service. Our ultimate objective is providing the best guest experience possible on every flight we operate. A warm welcome and thorough attention to your individual tastes are the hallmarks of our service.

• Besides “In-Flight Service and Standard” training, Mayfair Jets’ partners crew members undergo extensive aircraft-specific training to ensure a satisfying flight experience on each mission. Luxury, uniqueness and coolness remain top of mind as we tweak our service and amenities. Our Guest Experience department takes great care in adopting “newness” as it becomes available and thoughtfully refreshes our menu and amenity, snack and beverage selection.

• We love to incorporate beautiful presentations of food and wine, floral arrangements and refined decor to make our cabins the most plush, pleasing spaces for guests to relax and enjoy the trip.

• We are always looking for opportunities to show exceptional hospitality, even before you fly. We appreciate learning the details of your preferences so we can not only customize your trip, but also find ways to exceed your expectations and leave lasting memories of your travel with us.

• Picture yourself arriving in your car at the stairs to your own private jet. You emerge to meet your friendly Mayfair Jets Cabin Attendant and your Captain, who warmly welcome you aboard your luxuriously appointed jet. You notice fine details as you enter: soft music playing in the background, a beautiful boarding presentation and big soft leather seats that invite you to sink in and relax. At a glance, you can see that everything has been considered for your flight. Make a selection from your enticing menu of craft drinks, and off you go!

• Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, our cabins provide the ultimate atmosphere. There is plenty of room to spread out with your laptop, send emails or hold a private meeting, all with discreet service. When you and your family are traveling on vacation, Mayfair Jets goes the extra mile to surprise you with something related to your destination or celebration. Plush beds may be made up for you—of course, with the softest sheets, fluffiest pillows and comfiest blankets—ready to welcome you for a snooze, reading or playing with your kids.

• We are always looking for new ways to elevate the Mayfair Jets service and adopt “newness” as it becomes available. Our partners recently revamped the amenity, snack and beverage selection. Each addition to our menu is discussed at length among our Guest Experience Department, with luxury, uniqueness and coolness always top of mind as we tweak our Mayfair Jets offerings.

• We appreciate understanding small details about your tastes and preferences prior to a trip so that we may tailor a more thoughtful and personal experience. We believe there’s magic in the details, and our strong attention to detail is what makes traveling with Mayfair Jets more than just a flight.

• The amenities package awaiting you is thoughtfully curated to treat you as our VVIP. Careful scouring of high-quality classic, new and unique products manifests into the finest amenities menu in the business. We support sustainable and organic whenever possible and partner with top-of-the-line companies such as AESOP, Perri cone MD and Dry Bar for a spa experience, Torn Ranch for beautifully packaged bespoke snacks, plus TCHO Chocolate for your sweet tooth.

• A comprehensive Cabin Attendant recruitment process by our partners ensures that Mayfair Jets offers the industry’s best cabin hospitality, delivered by dedicated team members who align with our core values: Caring, Drive, Integrity, Simplicity “Flexible To Your Choice”. Upon recruitment, Cabin Attendants commence their intensive two-week Onboarding & Training Program, and our partners Cabin Attendant Departments works closely together to maintain consistency across each large jet flight. Whether you are flying with Whitney, Brooke or Chelsea, you will enjoy service that meets our exacting standards and feel our team’s shared commitment to providing you with the best Mayfair jets experience possible.

• At Mayfair Jets, it’s about what we can do together. We know you rely on us to do our job effectively so you can do yours. Whether you’re an owner or charter guest, we consider ourselves part of your team; we do our part to ensure that everything aviation in your life runs smoothly.

• Our goal is to make owning or chartering a jet an easy, cost-effective and positive experience. When you choose Mayfair Jets as your aviation partner, you’ll have the most dedicated, effective, and honest people in aviation on your team.