Helicopter Services




Enjoy the helicopter trip of a lifetime, taking in
unique views of the most famous landmarks. You
can literally leave the crowds behind and see the
city from a totally fresh perspective.

• While the ability to fly backwards is unique (more
or less), the true advantage of the helicopter is
vertical flight. This means that you can bring in
people and equipment to places that do not have a

• Mayfair Jets can offers you a hundreds places to
land safely.


We provide safety and solutions, you can land in spots in the jungle or in the snow or in an intersection on a freeway or on a building top for a rescue. With vertical and stable lift, you can lift Air conditioning units on the top of 40 story buildings and you can string electricity wires over mountains.

You can land and take off using little space, Imagine transporting someone to a hospital building top; you need a helicopter.