As A member of The Air Charter Association, Mayfair Jets and all its Employees will have to follow the following code and encourage adapting it at all times.


1- Maintain the highest professional standards in their day-to-day business activities.

2- Act fairly, reasonably, responsibly, honourably and ethically with each other and with their clients and colleagues, and not knowingly bring the Association into disrepute.

3- Act within the legal and fiscal requirements of the states in which they conduct their business, and in
accordance with international law and United Nations agreements.

4- Adhere to all established ACA Policies and Membership Rules in place at the time of joining and any
subsequent amendments or new Policies that maybe implemented by the Board.

5- Not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexuality or disability.

6- Handle complaints quickly and sympathetically, and correct errors promptly.

7- Keep personal and sensitive business information confidential and abide by the requirements of
applicable data privacy and protection policies and legislation.

8- Provide appropriate training for their staff wherever possible and encourage employees to obtain
relevant qualifications and maintain their professional skills.

9- When using a Broker to contract business on their behalf, pay the Broker an agreed commission. If a Member prefers to provide a price that does not include a commission then it will be assumed by the Broker that he has permission to establish his own price with a third party in lieu of such commission.

10- Avoid quoting differing prices for what appears to be the same business, accepting that differences will occur if proposals are differently made.


11- Declare, when proposing a transaction, whether their role is to be as Principal or Broker.

12- Declare early in any proposed transaction on behalf of which Principal they propose to act. This does not mean the Member has to identify the Principal at this stage, but the Member needs to establish that he/she will be acting as Broker on behalf of a Principal.

13- Not exceed the authority given to them by their Principal and should act with due care and skill.

14- Avoid conflicts of interest, to not make a secret profit and keep a full and proper account of any transaction.

15- Avoid any misleading statements in advertising or publicity which suggest that the broker is an aircraft operator or owner when they are not so.

16- carry out due diligence, to their best endeavours, in order to establish that any operator they engage for a flight or flights is properly licenced, insured, documented and competent, and that the aircraft to be used is airworthy and properly maintained.

Privacy Policy
We at MAYFAIR JETS are committed to maintaining and protecting the privacy of the information that
you provide to us. Below we explain how we will collect and process your information.
We collect the personal information from you in order to process your request for a charter flight.
Without limitation, this information may include your first, second and last name, postal address,
contact numbers, email addresses, credit or debit card numbers, their expiry dates, billing addresses,
and security numbers. Please keep in mind that this information may be processed globally. If acting of
behalf of a third party, make sure to obtain their consent before supplying their personal information to
The information we collect from you will be used by us to ensure you get the best service from us. You
may be getting promotions, special offers and advertisements of MAYFAIR JETS’s latest products and
services or, as the case may be, the products and services of any third parties that we consider may be
of interest to you. This information may be shared with you by post, email, telephone, or fax. You will
always have a choice to stop receiving such information.
We will disclose your personal information to third parties to the extent required for the performance of
charter flight reservations and any related transactions as requested by you
Without prejudice to the provisions above, MAYFAIR JETS may disclose your personal information to the
extent required by law, by any governmental or other regulatory authority, or by a court or other
authority of competent jurisdiction, in which case, to the extent it is legally permitted to do so, we will
give you as much notice of such disclosure as possible.
We may use “cookies” to recognize you when you visit our website. The “cookies” are small text files
used by your web browser to save information about the websites you visit. In most browsers they are
enabled by default, but you can always opt to disable them in your browser settings. We use the
“cookies” in order to provide more personalized service to you, but you can still browse our website
even with your “cookies” disabled. In the latter case the website’s functionality may be limited.
By using our website, you confirm your consent to the collection and use of your personal information
by MAYFAIR JETS in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This page will be updated to reflect any changes
in the Privacy Policy. If you have any further questions about our Privacy Policy or its implementation,
please contact us.