About us

About us

Flexible to your choice is not just our slogan, it’s our corporate vision.

We always take the extra mile to deliver our services at the highest level of efficiency, accuracy, punctuality, safety, and security.

The company highly stresses ensuring our customer’s privacy prior to, during & after their flight.

We pride ourselves on our unique market position as we are the market leader in supplying aircraft that suffices any number of passengers having 1 or 4 or even 500.

Our network of operators vary from certified PVT operations to major charter air limps or even national carrier all around the globe.

Our company backbone is the operations department where they work around the clock to follow one the flight watch for the flights we offer to our clients making sure all logistics and needs are facilitated from the second the crew are preparing the aircraft, till our distinguished guest’s board the plane and keeping a close eye till the flight reaches the destination with the same expected quality with arrival to make the experience for the customers seamless and with total privacy, safe and secured.

Our ops, not only look at flights operated for our guests but they extend the services with a hand full of trust and confidence for our flight support and clients who have put their trust in our capabilities to secure and procure all their operational demands, starting from ground handling, landing, and overflying permits, fuel, catering, HOTAC, aircraft cleaning. Etc.

We pride ourselves on the achievements we’ve had as significant partners in rescuing and helping stranded helpless people during a crisis where we were able to assist government and NGO’S in relocating refugees or repatriating nationals to their home countries.


As well as arranging for relief flights or guest cargo shipments up to 120 tons of medical evacuation.

Mayfair jets is perceived by its clients as an aviation expert hours we offer guidance and consultation ins areas of aircraft purchase or acquisition, the airline set up, reform or restricting.

Since our team collectively has over 70 years of aviation and airlines experience,

As strive to deliver the nest we only bring on board the best and to assure that we’ve started the business with a strict policy towards quality and that why we have our own in hours quality department

To always assured we not only follow the industry best practices CAA rules and regulations, ARGUS, EBAA & ACA but moreover our own in-house QA to stress on the teams through qualify to meet our client’s needs and more.