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Almaty / Kazakhstan - 03.27.2020 : security and medical staff me
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When the World Needs Wings
For over a decade, Mayfair Jets has been more than just an air charter company. We’ve been a lifeline, and a beacon of hope in times of crisis.

From the Arab Spring in 2010 to the global reach of COVID-19, our team of seasoned professionals has faced every challenge with unwavering commitment.

We are:

Experts in Evacuation: Our experience in repatriating citizens and relocating refugees in partnership with international organizations is unmatched. No matter the size or complexity of the situation, we have the resources and expertise to get people to safety.

The Air Bridge: We mobilize our entire fleet, from private jets for intimate groups to mega aircraft for larger evacuations, ensuring everyone gets to their destination safely and humanely. Our dedication doesn’t end until the last person reaches their haven.

Global Reach, Local Touch: We operate across continents, with a presence in key regions like Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Afghanistan, and more. Our partnerships with local operators offer crucial on-the-ground expertise and cultural sensitivity

Capabilities You Can Trust:

Aircraft for Every Mission: From nimble private jets to the legendary AN-124, the world’s largest air freighter, we have the perfect aircraft for your needs, whether it’s evacuating citizens, transporting life-saving medical supplies, or delivering shelter materials.

Rapid Response: We understand the urgency of crises. Our 24/7 operations team is always ready to mobilize at a moment’s notice, ensuring a swift and efficient response.

Unwavering Integrity: We operate with transparency and discretion, upholding the highest ethical standards in every situation.

COVID-19: A Test We Passed: During the pandemic, we became a vital part of the global response, successfully transporting millions of doses of vaccines, PPE, medical equipment, and essential supplies. We proved that even in the darkest times, humanity can take flight.

Mayfair Jets: Ready to Rise to the Challenge.

Mayfair Jets
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